15 Effective Marketing Tips for Small Businesses on a Shoestring Budget
Aug 12, 2021

15 Effective Marketing Tips for Small Businesses on a Shoestring Budget


Getting your brand advertised on national television or newspaper is undoubtedly an effective way to reach millions of people. However, it is not the most affordable option, especially when you are just starting out. But thanks to the internet, you no longer have to spend a fortune on TV or print ads. You can share your message with a global audience at a fraction of the cost. 


If you are working with a tight marketing budget, it’s absolutely possible to gain publicity for your brand and attract customers. We’re summarizing some cost-effective digital marketing strategies to get your brand out there. Let’s dive in.

1. Update Website Design

Your website serves a multitude of purposes. It’s a billboard, informational catalog, and business card for your business. So you can imagine the kind of impression a poorly designed website will leave on visitors. From a slow-loading website to a shabby layout, you need to take steps to improve the functionality and look of your website. Consult a specialist for Maryland website design. It’s a worthwhile investment promising long-term returns.

2. Try Blogging

Content creation should be an integral part of your digital marketing strategy. Specifically, blogging is an excellent way to share valuable information with your target audience. High-quality blogs are a reliable way to attract customers and increase website traffic. Blogging can also help you establish yourself as a credible source in the industry.

3. Improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Today’s customers are likely to search for a product or service online before making a purchase. Therefore, you cannot neglect your online presence. You are majorly missing out if your brand is not showing up in relevant online searches. To avoid that, make sure you are following best SEO practices.

4. Set up Google My Business Account

Previously people listed their businesses on yellow pages to be easily discovered. Similarly, you can list your business on online directories such as Google My Business. Setting up a GMB account doesn’t cost a thing and helps customers find your business. With GMB, you can put your business on the map, literally and figuratively.

5. Curate Social Media Content

Social media platforms have quickly evolved from being an outlet for personal communication to a powerful marketing tool. It would be foolish to underestimate the potential of social media for your brand. Since there are so many platforms out there, you should pick a few suitable ones instead of signing up for everything. Moreover, you have to create high-quality and consistent content to make the most of social media.

6. Send Out Emails

With social media and newer digital marketing tools taking center stage, you may think that emails are no longer relevant. But that’s not true! Emails are still an effective way to reach out to customers and nurture long-lasting relationships. That’s why you should consider adding a sign-up sheet to your website and social media pages to grow your email list. Just like blogging or social media, you need to be consistent with sending out useful emails.

7. PPC Marketing

Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is a feasible tool for businesses of all sizes. You have the liberty to set the exact amount you can afford to promote your business. It’s a cost-effective strategy to reach your target audience and boost traffic to your website. Moreover, it’s a scalable option that you can cut back or increase according to your requirements.

8. Engage in Public Forums

Participating in discussions on public forums is a subtle but effective way to garner publicity for your business. Head over to Reddit, Quora, and Tumblr to find conversations relevant to your industry. However, refrain from blatantly promoting your products. Instead, focus on leaving genuine comments and answering questions.

9.Start Guest Posting

Getting backlinks from authority blogs can do wonders for your online presence. Guest posting is a dependable way to get high-quality backlinks. You should research to find credible blogs relevant to your brand and send a guest posting pitch.

10. Diversify Content

Posting blogs and social media content are valuable additions to your digital marketing strategy. But these may not be enough to get your brand noticed. You should consider trying different formats and diversifying your content. Youtube videos, podcasts, TikTok, and Reels are some formats worth exploring.

11.Involve Influencers

Influencers are the new A-listers when it comes to endorsing a product or service. While you may not have the budget to get Jennifer Aniston on board, you can get micro-influencers involved. More and more people are trusting recommendations made by influencers. You can benefit from their dedicated following.

12.Introduce Referral Program

Your loyal customers can become ambassadors for your brand with well-designed referral programs. A referral program can boost conversions and also makes existing customers feel valued.

13. Don’t Underestimate LinkedIn

LinkedIn may not be the first platform that comes to your mind when talking about social media. However, it is much more than just a recruitment platform. You can leverage LinkedIn to generate leads and become an authority in the industry. Moreover, it is a particularly beneficial platform for niche industries.

14. Host Giveaways

Back when mall culture was at its peak, you must have witnessed the frenzy around stores offering free product samples. It’s a fact that people love free stuff. So why aren’t you exploiting this? Even if you don’t have a storefront in a swanky mall, you can host giveaways. Asking people to follow your social media accounts to participate in giveaways is a great way to increase your following.

15. Share Free Resources

As previously mentioned, everyone likes free stuff. But what if you don’t manufacture a physical product? You can still offer your target audience free resources. Share your expertise by making how-to guides, e-books, or tutorials.


The Bottom Line

You don’t necessarily need a hefty marketing budget to make people notice your brand. As mentioned above, there are plenty of strategies you can implement to promote your business. It’s understandable that implementing everything at once won’t be feasible. So go with the tactics which are most relevant to your marketing goals.

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