17 Digital Marketing Mistakes Every Brand Must Avoid
Nov 20, 2020

17 Digital Marketing Mistakes Every Brand Must Avoid

In comparison to traditional marketing, digital marketing is a fairly new arena that marketers need to master. Digital marketing has proven to be successful in cost-effectively reaching a large audience.
For a business, whether small or large, digital marketing plays a key role. Digital marketing helps people discover your brand and increase conversions. Using digital marketing techniques is a reliable way to convert prospective leads into paying customers. Digital marketing not only garners new customers for your business but also helps build long-lasting relationships with existing customers.
Whether you’re new to online marketing or your past attempts have been ineffective, we’re sharing some mistakes you should avoid. Take a look.

  1. Paying No Attention to Blogging
    A blog is a way to build authority in your industry and engage with your audience. Regular and high-quality blog posts will help drive traffic to your website. Give your audience an option to share their opinions and make sure you promptly respond to such comments. Also, make your blogs shareable on various social media platforms.
  2. Not Making Mobile-Friendly Website
    Nearly half of the overall users browse the internet via smartphones. So why haven’t you made your website mobile-friendly? If your website takes a long time to load on a smartphone or simply isn’t compatible, then you’ll miss out on a significant number of customers.
  3. Forgetting SEO
    If customers can’t find your brand with an online search, then you’re out of the game. The competition is tough with millions of websites online. Without SEO, your company won’t show up in the top search results. Your website must contain relevant keywords to enhance brand visibility. Make sure your website content and blog posts are SEO optimized.
  4. Not Offering Rewards
    Any promotion or discount is always successful in catching a customer’s eye. By offering such rewards, you can increase your website traffic and also increase revenue. This is a reliable way to build customer loyalty.
  5. Neglecting Social Media
    Internet marketing would not be complete without social media. It doesn’t cost a thing to create an account on most social media platforms, so what’s stopping you? Most of the population is on some form of social media. This is a lucrative opportunity to interact with existing customers and win over new ones.
  6. Not Knowing Your Target Audience
    Your digital marketing effort won’t amount to much if you try to target everyone. Not knowing your target audience is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Increasing your website traffic by targeting the wrong audience is a waste of resources. In addition to increasing traffic, it’s also vital to convert visitors into paying customers. Therefore, it’s imperative to do your research before running campaigns to find the right audience.
  7. Underestimating PPC Campaigns
    Pay Per Click Or PPC campaigns are an integral part of internet marketing. PPC is beneficial in several ways, including increasing brand awareness and improving conversions. You should definitely consider Pay Per Click services in Maryland
  8. Not Focusing on Conversions
    Just increasing traffic to your website is not enough. It’s crucial to work on converting this traffic into measurable sales. Make your website fast and easy to navigate to encourage visitors to complete a purchase.
  9. Overusing Clickbait
    Clickbait is something that is best left to sensational YouTubers. Using clickbait titles to drive traffic may work a couple of times, but after that, readers will be reluctant to trust your brand. Find a way to make your headlines appealing without using blatant clickbait. Digital marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. Use techniques that lead to long-term customer relationships rather than quick results.
  10. Ignoring Email Marketing
    With the onset of social media, email marketing may have taken the backseat, but it’s still an effective way to build a community. Instead of sending out purposeless content, send emails that your subscribers will actually bother to open. Also, avoid spamming! You don’t want all your email marketing efforts to end up in the spam folder permanently.
  11. Not Keeping Up With Evolving Methods
    Just like most technology, digital marketing is rapidly evolving. A digital marketing course that you did a decade ago is probably not relevant anymore. As a digital marketer, you need to continually learn and adopt new skills to stay ahead of the curve. You should gain a first-mover advantage by signing up for new social media platforms and practicing emerging digital marketing techniques.
  12. Hopping from One Trend to The Next
    While it’s important to move fast to build the presence of new digital platforms, it’s also necessary to avoid hopping from one trend to the next. Typically, it can take anywhere between six to twelve months to see your digital marketing efforts results. So stick to what you have going on before ditching it for something else.
  13. Focusing on Quantity & Not Quality
    The internet is saturated with content. There are hardly any topics left that don’t have pages and pages of blog posts, videos, infographics, and other content. So instead of further adding to this overabundance of content, focus on creating high-quality content that your audience will find valuable. Well-planned content can help establish authority in relevant industries.
  14. Just Promoting Your Products
    Using your digital marketing channels to promote your products sounds a good move, right? Wrong. People are not interested in knowing about your genius product design or exclusively imported raw materials. They are more concerned about how your products can solve their problems.
    Rather than basing your marketing efforts around directly promoting your products, show how your products can help prospective customers.
  15. Neglecting Analytics
    Looking at analytics is crucial to ensure your digital marketing efforts are making an impact. If you receive a sudden influx of engagement on a particular video or social media post, knowing this data can help you understand how your target audience thinks and their likes and dislikes. You can determine if a campaign is worth the investment or should be discontinued altogether by analyzing various data.
  16. Adopting Several Strategies at Once
    There’s no denying that successful digital marketing involves several oscillating components such as a well-designed website, social media presence, high-quality blog, PPC campaigns, and so on. But adopting all these ineffective strategies won’t drive the results you want. You would just end up wasting your resources.
    Luckily, you don’t have to do it all alone. Focus on what you do best and outsource the rest to third-party experts. It’s best to hire experts to make your digital marketing efforts count.
  17. Ignoring Customer Feedback
    If a customer has taken out time to email or direct message any feedback, you must reward their effort with a prompt response. Delaying or not responding to customers promptly is a mistake you should avoid. The last thing you want is a slew of bad reviews. You can consider setting up Automated Reply messages to ensure round the clock customer service.


Final Words
Internet marketing can be tricky. Mistakes are bound to happen if you’re new to the world of digital marketing. Hopefully, the tips in this article will help you avoid some common marketing errors. If you lack the experience, it would be best for your organization to consult professionals for internet marketing in Frederick, MD.


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