3 Concepts For Creating A Good Call To Action
Feb 22, 2019

3 Concepts For Creating A Good Call To Action

So you’ve made your first strides in to the digital marketing world. In the past few weeks and months you’ve amped up your business’s social media content and you’re starting to connect all the dots and bring it all full circle. You have this great content that you’ve really worked hard on to breath life in to your business’s identity, all you need to do now is build the bridge that leads back to your product or service.

This is where a good high quality call to action comes in to play. A call to action or CTA is the word, phrase, or sentence that encourages your content consumers to take a specific action. A good call to action is super important. If you aren’t utilizing good call to action techniques with your content then much of your content is likely going to waste.

Content without a mechanism pointing back to your product or service is really just filler text, taking up room and floating its way through cyberspace. You want to point your content consumers back towards your product when they are right there consuming the content you’ve created. Otherwise you’re wasting your own time and money.

So what makes a good call to action? A number of things actually, in this article we’re going to point out some of the bigger tips that we think have the biggest impact on a good call to action.


The Message Is Clear and Strong

It might go without saying, but a good call to action is clear about what that action is. It is related to the content that it is accompanying and it points out a clear benefit that is being provided. Phrases like, “join today”, “call now”, “sign up for free” are all over the place! This is with good reason too, they are strong and clear messages telling a user what they should do.

While clarity in your messaging is imperative, it doesn’t stop there. Language is also super important when writing your call to action (In my opinion, careful and proper use of language is important for everything but let’s just stick to CTA’s for now). In a call to action you want to use impactful language that brings people to move on your call.

With your words you want to be personable and honest, but also make people feel like this opportunity is worthwhile and uncommon. With the right words you need show readers that you are providing value. Spark their curiosity and their need to find out more. People naturally don’t like to feel like they are missing out on things. Psychology can be a powerful tool, just make sure that what you are offering is what fulfilling or what readers expect.

For example if your call to action says click here for our limited time 50% off doorbuster deal and then when readers click through they come to find out the deal is only 25% off, then that isn’t a great look.


The Call To Action Is In The Right Spot

This is actually a pretty easy one to get a grip on because there are so many places you can put a call to action. You can place a call to action at the end of a blog post to wrap together the topic discussed. You can place one at the top of the web page, in the middle of the web page, in the sidebar, in a popup screen, in emails, or even on your social media posts.

What is important is that no matter where you put your call to action you test it to determine the effectiveness of its particular style and placement. Change things up with your call to actions and see which ones perform better than others. You may be surprised by what works and what doesn’t. Simple things like removing words, changing placement, or picking a different color can all have a big impact on the conversion rate you get.



A call to action can be in the right spot but if its design doesn’t stand out then it’s not going to work. You don’t want your call to action to look just like the rest of the regular text or whatever else is on the page. We’re not saying be super flashy or create an eyesore on the page, but create a button or link that has an aesthetic contrast that helps it stand out to readers eyes. We like using buttons because they stand out and look good but you can try whatever you want for your page. As long as your testing it, as we mentioned previously!

So these are the basics really. The number one thing you should take away is that no matter you just need something there acting as a call to action! It’s really 0 or 100, if you do it, you’ll keep building better ones as you learn. If you don’t do it, well then you’re just wasting your time.

Check out our call to action below! Here it goes.

If you’re business is looking for help or guidance in using the digital space to its maximum potential then contact us! If you’re going to do something you oughta do it right, and we love helping small business’ do things right with their digital marketing. Learn more about our services and what we can do for you by clicking the button below!



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