5 Helpful Email Habits
Feb 13, 2019

5 Helpful Email Habits

The professional world runs on emails. Email marketing is just one branch of how emails can be used in your business. Contrary to what you might think, email marketing is still an effective tool for marketing to your customers so long as it is done correctly. The idea of email marketing is to turn potential leads in to new customers and to turn those customers in to returning customers who are brand loyal. That is the ideal persona you are looking to create.

In order to give yourself a chance at achieving this though, you need to know how to create effective emails. There is a fine line between effective email marketing and spam. If you cross that line by performing sloppy email marketing, you’ll be hurting your business and not helping it.

Literally everyone who has an email also has an inbox that is bursting at the seams with emails. I personally unsubscribe from tons of emails just so my inbox isn’t a glut of mail, and I’m sure most people are the same. So how do you break through the crowd and reach the people that are important to your business?

Your overall goal with email marketing and creating effective emails is to bring in sales, that much is obvious. However, it isn’t or shouldn’t be your first goal. Your first goal is to create a relationship with your consumers that is trusted by the consumer and beneficial to the consumer. So how do you make an effective email to do that? There are a lot of different strategies and habits that are conducive to strong and effective emails. Let’s highlight some!

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1. Only Email Info That Is Valuable

Don’t waste people’s time or patience by emailing them fluff just for the sake of sending an email out to your list. If you’re going to send out an email make sure that it contains information that is relevant, helpful, useful, or a combination of all three. You’re looking to develop relationships, those start with value. If you’re looking to sell right away and shove it down your consumers throats, you’re going to sink. The boat will be filled up before you even realize it needs patching.

2. Be Personable And Honest

Don’t send out an email that is typed like a robot wrote it. Respect formality but don’t treat it as law. Be different and toe the line on weird! Genuinity and honesty go a long way and can come out in writing. Show people you’re open and that you care.

Address people as if you’re only sending the email to them and give people reason to trust you. If your email is a sales email that is okay! Just be honest about what it is, don’t try to disguise the email as something it is not. People can sense insincerity and are smart enough to sniff you out on trickery.

3. Provide Interesting Tidbits

Tell people something they didn’t know before reading your email. Use interesting facts or numbers to tell a story worth reading. Create a reason for people to keep reading your emails. If your emails are a source for something new, then people may feel more inclined to read and keep reading.

4. Keep Your Emails Short

Try your best to keep your emails away from becoming a wall of text. Long blocks of text in an email will turn readers off right away. Discover new ways to be interesting and different while also be short and concise!

5. Know When To Sell

As we’ve alluded to in the text above, selling is not your first goal of writing effective emails. Knowing when to start selling within your email is key. Tell you stories first, get your point across, deliver your message. Do whatever it is that you’re doing to build genuine trust and to show that you’re providing value. Once you’ve done that then it is the time to deliver your call to action.

You won’t get every sale, no one will. What you will get is people who may feel more inclined to buy from you because they trust you based on the value you have provided. At the end of the day, it is a lot better than sending out emails that are ‘sell, sell, sell’ and getting blocked for spam or unsubscribed.

These are general guidelines that would do you well to abide by in your email strategy! Deviation isn’t a bad thing though, be creative and interesting in your emails, but uphold integrity and honesty as well. You’ll be better off for it in the long run!

If you’re looking to get more out of email marketing or just looking to tap in to a bigger digital footprint in general, book a call with us at Apollo Marketing!

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