6 Mobile Apps That Make Life A Little Easier
Jan 24, 2019

6 Mobile Apps That Make Life A Little Easier

Today we are coming at you with another listicle (a list themed article). There are millions of mobile apps that can be downloaded on to your phone for your pleasure or convenience. With so many out there it can be easy for some really great ones to get lost in the shuffle. Our idea for this blog post was to create a list of apps that make certain tasks much more convenient by using them. Just apps that make your life a little bit easier, whether they help you in work, your personal life, your hobbies, or anywhere else.

Every once in awhile I personally go through my phone and organize all the apps I have. I choose which ones I want to keep depending on if I use them a lot and I choose which ones I want to delete based on if I haven’t really used them in awhile. The ones I keep typically all have one or two things in common; I use them almost daily, they make certain specific tasks much easier, or both! Going through all apps on your phone every once in awhile and asking yourself these questions is a habit I recommend!

With all these ideas in mind the list I’ve compiled below is basically a list that meets my personal standards of use. I would use and do use every one of the apps we’ve gathered for this list. I hope that you can find good use in them just as I do!

1. Microsoft Office Lens

Credit from cnet.com

I use the Microsoft Office Lens more than any of the other apps I use on this list. The Microsoft Office Lens app is a mobile replacement for a flatbed scanner that allows you to scan physical documents with the use of your phone’s camera lens. The app will create a digital copy of the scanned document that you can then edit, save to a PDF, photo, word, OneNote, or Powerpoint. You can also share it through email or any other apps your phone allows you to share from.

I can not stress the convenience of this app enough. It makes regular scanners pretty much obsolete as there is no drop off in quality and it is so easy to do to.

2. 1password

Credit to 1password.com

1password is an app that will keep all your passwords and other sensitive information in one protected place. Now we get it, if keeping all your information in one digital place makes you uncomfortable that is completely understandable. If that is the case then this app probably isn’t for you.

However, it is a convenient app for keeping and storing passwords, codes, and other important info in a place you’ll remember. You can log account passwords, addresses, credit/debit card numbers, locker combinations, routing numbers, wifi passwords, or any other pertinent info that you may need on a moments notice. For some people it may be better than hiding sticky notes around their house!


Credit to thenextweb.com

IFTTT was an app I had never heard of before doing research for this post. As soon as I read about it I downloaded it right away. IFTTT stands for “If this, then that” and I can’t stress enough how cool I think this app is. IFTTT allows you automate almost anything you want to in your digital world.

For example, I coach youth soccer on the side outside of work. We use an app called TeamSnap that is essentially a scheduling app that every family on my team can see and notify me on their availability. Using IFTTT I was able to set an automation between my TeamSnap account and my Google Calendar so now every time an event is added in to TeamSnap it automatically loads in to my Google Calendar.

IFTTT isn’t complicated either, it does all the heavy lifting for you. For me to set that first automation all I did was see it as a suggested automation based on the apps I use and turn it on. All I had to do was sign in to my Google and TeamSnap accounts and it was set up and ready to go.

This was just a basic automation too. There are so many other things IFTTT can do for you. It works to automate with all sorts of other smart devices including Amazon Alexa. The possibilities are pretty expansive. I haven’t stopped tinkering with it since downloading.

4. SignNow

SignNow is an app that allows you to sign documents anywhere on the go. If someone sends you a document that needs signing and you don’t have access to a printer or the time to go and print it out, sign it, and scan it back then SignNow is perfect for you. All you do is upload the document from where ever it is that you have it and you’ll be able to sign it with your finger and send it right on back out.

5. Awesome Note (+ToDo)

Credit to Pinterest.com

There are a ton of note taking and to-do list apps out there but I liked Awesome Note (+ToDo) for its simplicity and nice looking layout. Awesome Note lets you create beautiful and unique notes and lists with the ability to edit colors, background images, fonts, and icons. It isn’t just some rigid notes app but something that really pops of your phone’s screen while also being effective.

6. Converter+

Converter Plus’ greatness is all in its name. It is a calculation app that makes converting any type of measurement simple and easy. When we say any measurement, we really mean it. You can convert length, volumes, temperature, currencies, interest figures, and so much more. It is a one stop shop for converting numbers. Where you’re cooking something in the kitchen or flying to Belarus.

That is all for this list but we surely be making more like it soon! Hope that you found at least one these apps worth downloading, maybe even all of them!

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