Here’s Why Visitors Are Leaving Your Website Without Converting
Oct 5, 2021

Here’s Why Visitors Are Leaving Your Website Without Converting

You created a website. You paid for PPC campaigns. You are curating high-quality guest posts that readers love. All of this, along with other measures, are doing a great job of attracting visitors to your website. But are they leaving without converting or taking any action? 


In the digital world, just attracting visitors to your website is not enough. In addition to grabbing their attention, you also need to encourage them to make a purchase or take any other action.


Your business is majorly missing out if you’re recording an impressive number of visitors without a proportional increase in the conversion rate. In this post, we’re sharing some reasons why your online presence is failing to convert visitors. Let’s take a look.


Forgetting CTA

Something as simple as forgetting to add call-to-actions on your web pages can ruin all your hard work. Persuasive CTAs play a vital role in urging visitors to take the next step and guide them through the conversion process.


On the other hand, don’t go overboard by including too many CTAs on one page. This can confuse visitors and force them to exit your website without taking any action.


Complicated Navigation

Complicated navigation not only annoys users but also impacts your search engine rankings. Get in your visitors’ shoes to create an easy-to-follow navigation structure. From graphics to content, there are several parts of the website that you can get creative with. But when it comes to navigation, it’s best to keep it simple and predictable.


Slow Loading Speed

Did you know that the average attention span of humans has decreased to just eight seconds? That’s why you can afford to lose precious time because of a slow-loading website. A slow website creates a frustrating user experience and compels them to leave your website before making a purchase. 


You can improve your website’s speed by stripping back heavy codes and rewriting URLs. Also, consider upgrading from cheap hosting to a professional hosting service.


Irrelevant Website Content

The content on your website has an important purpose. High-quality and customer-centric content is necessary to inform visitors about your products, highlight product benefits, and compel them to move down the sales funnel. 


Boring or irrelevant content will put off visitors. Furthermore, it’s also imperative to optimize the web content to ensure your website shows up in relevant search queries. If you lack writing skills, it would be best to involve a professional writer and Maryland SEO expert. 


Poor-Quality Images

Unlike a brick-and-mortar store, a potential customer cannot experience your products in person. The closest they come to your products are the images and descriptions provided on your website. So you can imagine the impression poor-quality product images create. Collaborate with a skilled photographer to capture compelling images and videos for your website. You can also repurpose such visual content for your social media pages.


Excessive Pop-Up Ads

Picture this, as soon as you enter a store, you get bombarded with multiple salespersons trying to sell something. Won’t that make you feel overwhelmed? That’s exactly how your visitors feel when they open your website, and the screen immediately fills with countless ads. Excessive ads can make it difficult for visitors to pay attention to your products.


Take measures to keep ads to a minimum and assign a specific area for them on the website.


Long-Winding Registration or Checkout Process

Despite doing everything right, a visitor may abandon a purchase because of a long-winding checkout process. Whether you are asking visitors to sign up for your email list or make a purchase, try to keep forms as short as possible.


Auto-Playing Audio or Video

When a person opens a website, an auto-playing video can take them by surprise. Particularly if they are at work or in a public place, an auto-playing video will push them to immediately exit your page. You can avoid that from happening by giving your visitors the option to play audio or video embedded on your website.


Neglecting Mobile-Users

Mobile internet users are quickly catching up to desktop users. You’re losing out on a significant opportunity if your website is not responsive. Using a website that’s not optimized for smaller screens creates a bad experience. Make sure you are taking a mobile-first approach to building a responsive website.


Outdated Website Design

Apart from the functionality, the visual appeal of your website also impacts a visitor’s purchasing decisions. Poorly paired colors, illegible fonts, flashy text, and other outdated design elements can be detrimental to your conversion rate. If it has been a long time since you created your website, it would be beneficial to give it a makeover.


No Genuine Testimonials

Today’s modern consumer looks at a company’s customer experiences and reviews before making a purchase. Including client testimonials on your website establishes your credibility. That being said, fabricating client testimonials is not the right move. We suggest adding genuine written and video testimonials to your website.


Underestimating Exit Intent Technology

Thanks to exit-intent technology, it’s possible to know when a user is about to leave your website. Then why not use this to your advantage? When a user is hovering over the back button, you can make them stay and reconsider your products with a coupon code or any other well-timed offer.


Overselling Products

When a potential customer learns about your website through an ad or social media, they will likely have an idea of what to expect from your product or service. However, you’ll end up disappointing such visitors if they discover that your product is nothing that was promised. Overselling may be effective in attracting visitors, but it doesn’t help you convert them into paying customers.


Final Words

It’s crucial for every business to leverage their website and other elements of their online presence to drive conversions. However, if you are struggling to convert visitors into paying customers, it’s time to refine your strategies. Hopefully, the aforementioned tips help you improve your conversion rate and boost your revenue. You should also consider involving a conversion rate optimization agency to further improve your rate.

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