Looking to Promote Your Business Website? These Tips Will Help!
Nov 5, 2021

Looking to Promote Your Business Website? These Tips Will Help!

If you think simply having a website will get the job done for you, think again.

As much as website creation is important for a growing business, promoting it is equally crucial. It’s the foundation you need for establishing an online presence and expanding your company.

After people visit your site, you can know more about them and convert them into advocates, partners, or customers. If any of these things happen, you win. The question is, what do you do to get people to your website?

Explore these four strategies to boost website traffic.

Make Your Website Searchable Organically

Many business relationships begin when someone types words or phrases in a Google search to find a website. This is an organic search in action. It’s much easier to attract more people when you know the terms people use to look for answers for their issues.

These phrases could be specific to your business, like the brand name or name of your product. It could also refer to advantages or attributes like “all organic,” “free shipping,” or anything else that distinguishes your business from others.

In Google Analytics, you can see what keywords your site users have searched for to find your website in the past and utilize those keywords to improve the content on your website. It is also an excellent idea to analyze your competitors’ keywords on their website, social channels, or even in their emails.

The keywords you concentrate on should be common queries that a person might have. Think about how your ideal customer or client will describe your company and what you have to offer in simple, straightforward words. And then, ensure that you follow proper on-page optimization strategies to sprinkle those keywords on your important web pages like Home, Checkout, and About Us Pages.

Google Search Console is another tool that you can use to check how well your website performs on Google’s search pages, what keywords drive the highest number of people to your website and the number of users who click on your website in results from searches.

If you do this, you’ll be well on your path to improving your search engine ranking.

These tips can help you do your best work:

  • Create a website that is easily accessible: Your website should contain a complete description of your services and their advantages to ensure search engines like Google and Bing can crawl and rank your website easily. Additionally, you should create SEO-friendly titles that search engines can pick up.
  • Use your website’s information: Blog posts, articles, audience testimonials, and other content can improve your search engine rankings and attract more people to your site.
  • Improve your website visuals: Though search engines are better at indexing words than images and video elements, videos and images can improve your Google ranking if they’re optimized for viewing via mobile phones. Also, ensure that every image has a short alt text that describes the image, giving Google a text alternative to read.

Use Online Marketing Tactics to Promote Your Website

You’ve seen them everywhere on the internet – advertising everything from online classes to sunglasses and more. These are banner or digital ads designed to bring visitors to a site or a landing page targeted to a particular campaign.

Even if you’ve not clicked on one of them, they’re effective since they can be put on blogs or websites that target a certain target audience.

On social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, advertisements are targeted to particular groups and categorized into gender, age, and interests. The information you collect about the visitors’ activities, such as the products or pages they browsed, can help you create and manage ads that target the right people.

You may also need to connect with a lead generation agency that can assist with paid media strategies and the best places to place your ads, the length of your ad campaigns, what outcomes to anticipate from a campaign, and how to enhance the ROI over time.

Use Email to Bring, Nurture and Convert the Visitors to Customers

An effective and tried-and-tested method of generating traffic is to use email. It is a potent outreach tool that can reach your target audience and direct users to certain pages on your site.

There are two primary types of emails that are used to promote your business:

  • Newsletters sent to subscribers can contain useful details and offers, such as sales or special events. They could drive readers to your site to browse through an article or avail of a promotion. Although they may not bring tons of new website visitors, they can effectively generate revenue from your existing audience.
  • Promotional emails could highlight specific promotions or sales. For example, you could advertise a wine tasting, an event in your store, or the latest video you’ve put up.

You can divide your audience by data and make personalized editions of your emails to tap the right customers in both instances.

The most important thing to remember in emails is who is the next person that would like to know what your business is. You don’t need to send the same message to everyone since you can send personalized emails to build stronger relationships with your subscribers.

Use Social Media to Your Benefit

You may be posting certain types of content on social media that you publish on your website, like images, articles, or infographics. However, did you know social media can also increase your website traffic? For instance, if you have an e-commerce website, you could advertise a sale via social media and drive people to your site.

However, selecting the right social media platform where your ideal target audience hangs out is crucial. It will vary based on the nature of your business and the target audience you wish to reach. For instance, LinkedIn is a good option if you wish to advertise webinars or white papers to professionals. Instagram, on the other hand, is more focused on visuals, such as images of products.

Wherever you publish, ensure that you direct users to specific website pages so that there is a clear link between the content the visitors saw on social media and the landing page on your website. Your website is intended for a large target audience, so you must make sure you create specific landing pages.

The Bottom Line

We get it, you can be busy as a small business owner. However, this does not discount the fact that promoting your website is one of the main ways of scaling your business.

Remember, you could have the most amazing website on the planet, but nobody will know how fantastic your website is if you do not bring people to it.

Take cues from the above tips and see an increased number of web visitors!

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