Our New Home!
Jun 11, 2019

Our New Home!

We have great news that we want to share with everyone! The past two months have been a super busy time at Apollo Marketing. First we launched our new website last month and now, last week on Monday, June 3rd, we officially moved into our brand new office! Our new home is located right on South Market St by the corner of South Market and West Patrick St in Downtown Frederick. What better place to be for a marketing company looking to help local Frederick businesses grow?

Our new office is going to do a lot of things for us. First off, it adds to our identity as a business that has been growing and growing since we started. Secondly, it gives us a place where our clients and friends know to find us! A central hub for all of our operations for people to come by and get to us more personally is something we are super excited about.

As you can see we still need to do some decorating! It is coming along nicely though and we’ll be sure to share more updated pictures as we spruce the place up a bit. You can also keep up with us and our happenings at our new Instagram page that we just launched! Find us on Instagram under the username @apollomrkting.

That’s not all though! We also have some new blood joining the Apollo Marketing team in the form of two new employees! Our new client manager Christian Villarosa and our summer intern Grace Michel joined us on the same Monday we moved into our new office. It’s been quite the past few weeks!

Our new client manager Christian comes to us from Knoxville, MD. He is a 2018 graduate of Elizabethtown College with a bachelors in communications with a concentration in mass communications. He’ll be using his project management skills, photography, and videography skills to be an awesome and versatile client manager for us!

Our summer intern Grace is originally from Baltimore, MD and is a rising junior at James Madison University! Grace is studying Psychology and Human Resource Development with an interest in Behavioral Marketing. She is really excited to be working in the city of Frederick for the summer and we are really excited to have her on board with us!

We’re pumped to have these two joining us and it’s been great getting acclimated to the new surroundings and new people. We are really looking forward to taking this new energy and transferring it over to our clients and bringing Apollo Marketing to new levels! It’s an exciting time for our company and we’re ready to get to work. If you have any digital marketing or website needs for your small business feel free to reach out! We’re ready to roll!

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