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    Digital Marketing
    Get More Customers From The Same Amount Of Visitors

    Conversion rate optimization (CRO) Agency

    is a system for increasing the percentage of visitors to a website that converts into customers.

    You see, getting customers on your website and then calling it a day is like buying a sword that is sharp and balanced to the tip only to not get any fighting lessons at all. Unless you learn to use it, the fight is lost. Similarly, there is no point in having thousands of visits on your website but not being able to convert them into paying customers.

    Apollo Marketing uses tools and techniques to make sure that your visitors convert to customers and your website generates more sales. It includes optimizing your website, landing page and more for conversion optimization based on visitor behaviour. This, in turn, helps improve conversion rates on those specific pages.

    Partner with a tested CRO agency

    Conversion rate optimization is an art, less mastered. While the basic idea is to upgrade your marketing campaign for producing better results, the more you dig into details, the harder it gets.

    From every single colour on your landing page to the fonts that you use in your content, all of it matters. It simply means that there’s a dire need for paying attention to detail. This is why it is important to make sure that you have a good agency that helps guide the way.

    Landing Pages

    Landing pages optimization is one of the best ways to approach CRO as it is a user-centric method that is the protagonist for this whole campaign.

    Landing page optimization involves data driven analysis of quantitative and qualitative behaviour of users interaction with the page. A good marketing agency uses techniques like SEO PPC, redesigning or A/B testing of page elements, audits of search engine optimization on content to improve performance in search engines and user interface audits.

    It is a very deep look at your website and then various elements are considered for improvement so that businesses can easily turn visitors into customers. The main goal is to make sure that the visitor subscribes to a newsletter, if any, contact the sales team for details or buy a product. All of which accounts for crucial work, something you should only trust a good agency to follow through with.

    Website Copy

    Website copy mainly involves writing a persuasive copy for the website that can have a big impact on the final conversion rates. To write a good website copy, the copywriter must need to conduct heavy audience research, understand the type of audience that is coming in, bring out ways to build trust, convince them to take the next step, and ultimately provide assurances that will help generate sales.

    CRO copywriting mainly focuses on one other thing and that is your conversion funnel. Even one word could be the difference between a single digit to a double-digit increase in conversions.

    A conversion funnel is the buyer’s journey. Those are the steps any potential visitor to your website & landing page might take to complete a desired action or series of actions. That action could be buying a product, signing up for a service, or email marketing like subscribing to a newsletter.

    A good CRO agency includes these aspects into their marketing strategy and channels their efforts towards the conversion funnel that helps generate better sales.

    Call-to-Action (CTA)

    A method in which select words are used to prompt a user to complete an immediate action in a sales setting, either online or in print form is called a CTA. It provides values and coercive reasons for a user so that they start down the purchasing funnel.

    The main aim is to convince them to make a purchase, register an account, sign up or otherwise fill out a form, or download something of value to them. The process also helps a business collect important customer information to see if their CTAs are even getting to the right people at the right time at all or not.

    Effective CTAs use imperative verbs, either in the form of a command or a request, preferably. Relevantly sprinkled on all web pages, they produce maximum results. Most businesses try to incorporate smaller CTAs that lead up to one final CTA. And, the smaller CTAs request a certain action from the user which helps to provide alternative actions for them that helps increase the chances of conversion.

    Site Structure and Navigation

    Site structure and its navigation is a huge part of good social media marketing after content marketing; and affects user interface and that affects their experiences in turn. If a user finds your website hard to read, or your page navigations hard to follow, you can bet they will bounce off.

    There are many important factors of site structure that should be kept in mind that can influence CRO like, the website design and a personalized user experience. Creating an aesthetically pleasing but also functional website is crucial for user satisfaction.

    Predicting customer patterns through efficient navigation techniques and page strategies can truly have a huge impact on conversion rates.

    Page Load Speed

    With the amount of competition today in the world it should not come as a surprise that attention is very rare. A viewer will surely bounce off your website, reports claim if the website does not load in less than 3 seconds.

    It affects CRO directly as if the loading time is too much, users are known to abandon carts, bounce off the website, affects their experience and leads to lower page rankings. So, it’s safe to say a business must decrease its page load speed.

    Conducting website audits, optimising the site’s media files and using a dedicated hosting server helps aid better loading time for websites and is very crucial for CRO.

    What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

    A marketing optimization process that can simply be defined as the process of improving the overall performance of a website using the data collected from site analytics, user feedback and other sources is CRO.

    It is different from SEO practices as it is related to site aesthetics and performance for lead generation. On the other hand, SEO is focused on generating and increasing site traffic and ranking on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). A successful SEO strategy fuels the inbound marketing engine to bring new prospective buyers to the site regularly through demand generation.

    CRO is directly proportional to improved site metrics called Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). KPIs could be anything from registrations, downloads, inquiries, subscriptions, comments, likes, shares to purchases.

    It is focused on pursuing more of your website visitors to take the desired action you want them to take on a webpage, website or within a campaign. The right conversion rate optimization methodology can provide incredible results through fact-based and data-driven scientific approaches one needs to incorporate.

    What Are The Essential Elements of Conversion Rate Optimization?

    An organized CRO effort requires skills and experience. As it involves many essential elements that will demand attention. Mainly, there are four overlapping main elements that increase the chances of improving conversion rates for websites, and therefore your sales or leads.

    All of these elements overlap and feed into each other to gain better results from CRO, particularly conversion research. For example insights from conversion research feed into better ideas for A/B testing and personalization.

    Conversion Research:

    Conversion research is essential for determining what needs improving and why and is gathered from visitors and analytics tools. This can be done through web analytics from services like Google analytics, recordings of viewers visits, conducting surveys and polls, and taking user feedback. An efficient full service digital marketing agency is usually well versed in all these elements.

    Website Persuasion:

    To engage and uniquely represent your website you must use compelling copywriting on the page content. Website persuasion includes techniques like including testimonials, displaying product reviews including ratings, may it be good or bad. Mentioning recurrent long time visitors will build trust and persuade users who will know that your website is also liked by many others.

    User Experience (UX):

    The user is basically endgame. So, businesses need to prioritise user-centric approaches if they want to improve the website’s rankings and grow their business. If the visitors can have a smooth browsing experience they are more likely to convert.

    A/B Testing & Personalization:

    Though a website needs to have considerable traffic before A/B testing, also referred to as split testing can be used, it is indeed very useful for discovering which versions of the website ideas convert better.

    A/B testing tools also help personalize the website for customers and their unique patterns. Businesses can easily target visitor segments with more relevant content like displaying related content to returning visitors with what they say before and other frequent visitors with rewards and discounts. A/B tests and personalization techniques are used to discover and show the highest converting experience for a website.

    Tips on How to Choose the Right CRO Agency

    A CRO agency should have transparency

    It’s one thing to say that professionals are working on your project and another to feel like you are a part of the process. Make sure you know what is the norm and demand insight. A good CRO agency always has transparency. It will not just give you hollow promises that work is being done, it will show you what steps have been taken, what progress has been made and how the overall outlook is looking with honesty.

    Look for experience and track record

    You should find out the depth and breadth of a CRO company’s experience. A reputable CRO agency should be able to refer you to a company they’ve worked with so you can verify their claims and learn about their customers’ experience. This will help you ascertain their work and judge accordingly.

    Work with a CRO agency that challenges you

    In the end, the one reason you are hiring a conversion optimization agency is that you want to increase your sales and grow your business. When a CRO agency comes onboard your business with motivations to push your success and emotional connections to help you grow, when it thinks the business is as personal to them as to you, it will surely work harder to see that aim achieved.

    Have Something Awesome In Mind?

    Apollo Marketing Agency, with our founder, co-founder and a very dedicated team, does that for you. With years of experience as a conversion rate optimization agency and our cutting edge marketing ideas, we can fine-tune your marketing campaigns and optimize them to their best.

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