The Merits of Storytelling in Digital Marketing
Sep 21, 2020

The Merits of Storytelling in Digital Marketing

Do you remember Coca Cola’s famous television ad “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke” that took America by storm in 1971?  Bill Backer wrote the tagline on a napkin and shared it with British hit songwriters. This ad instantly became synonymous with Coke. Why?

Because the marketing executives recited the story in a way that left a lasting impression in everyone’s mind. That’s what storytelling is about. Storytelling is nothing new as this concept has been used by marketers for a long time. 

Storytelling requires brilliant writing skills and the art of building narratives. If mastered well, it can take your brand to heights you cannot imagine. 

In this blog, we will talk about the amazing benefits of storytelling every business should take advantage of.

Builds More Than Just Good Memories

We all remember the tales our parents used to tell us before bed every night. We probably will remember them for years to come. Why? Because they were entertaining, memorable, and designed in a way that stirred our imagination. 

Storytelling is a great tool to build memories with the readers and strengthen the bond. And what kind of stories do that? The ones that turn on all our senses and make us imagine ourselves inside the story. 

That said, curate stories that carefully depict your brand message, reach out to the customers’ hearts, and make them take action.

It Is A Natural Motivator

What’s your favorite podcast? Planet Money? Dolly Parton’s America? 

Don’t they all start with a story, something that gets you so interested, and then go for their message? Well, they are definitely smart marketers. With just a few words strung together, these experts raise various questions in your mind. They touch on points that make you relate to the emotion they are expressing. Isn’t that genius?

Just like a good Maryland website design company offers an excellent experience to the visitors, a good story gets people to act fast on the call to action (CTA). So, next time you are planning to use storytelling to your advantage, make sure it has a moral & strong sales pitch for the desired results.

Makes Content Exciting

Storytelling is an excellent strategy to create excitement in your field of work. No matter the industry you belong to, if you know how to narrate the story that your audience will remember forever, you will be able to sell anything and everything. 

Stories tap into the emotions of your audience and connect them to your brand. An enticing content is what turns a good story into a great one.

Builds Relationships

Building strong relationships is essential for a brand to strengthen its online presence, and become leading experts in the field. When a customer relates to your brand, they are not only likely to become loyal paying clients but they are likely to spread the word and get you more traction. That’s the merit of storytelling. 

The trick to narrating the perfect story to entice more prospects is to understand them fully. That’s where customer personas come into action and they work. These segments help you understand your customer better — not just the language they speak, the region they belong to, the places they visit, the activities they like, but also their pain points and needs. This is what adds a personal touch to the story you recite. 

When you understand what your audience relates to, they will start humanizing your brand and forge a meaningful relationship. 

Makes Your Content Eternal

One of the biggest challenges marketers face is coming up with new content and marketing ideas.  They certainly understand the competition that exists in their particular industry and want to stay ahead. 

Chances are likely that whatever new idea that you brainstorm, and include in your marketing strategy, somebody out there may have already worked on it. This poses a big problem, especially when you have to come up with a new idea every day. 

Storytelling solves this problem to a great extent. By the power of words, you can take inspiration from the content that’s already out there, something that people are already talking about, spin it in a way that interests your audience, and add value to their life. This customer-centric approach can prove beneficial even when you are repurposing old content. 

Storytelling can make something old and stale, exciting and new. 

Depicts Your Personality

All your efforts are futile if they fail to increase brand awareness, and improve your credibility. Creating a positive personality matters the most, and what better way to do that than storytelling? 

The way your brand interacts with the audience, the story they are reminded of every time they hear your brand name reflects your personality and not the number of followers you have. 

When Apple’s iPhone was first introduced in 2007, they didn’t try to convert people into buying an iPhone right away. Rather, they painted a unique picture of the “iPhone experience,” and focused on branding. Steve Jobs did an amazing job narrating the perfect story ever. The world already knew how big of a deal “Apple” was, but Jobs didn’t underestimate the importance of storytelling. 

Helps Retarget Customers Better

Abandoned carts pose the biggest challenge to business owners. But thanks to the advancement in the digital realm, you can track the visitors.

Although the stats can’t help you reclaim your lost sales, the way you choose to recite your story can do wonders. And guess what? There are so many ways in which you can choose to narrate the story — through images, videos, and ads. Yes, you read that right! More than 90 percent of consumers want brands to have ads that convey a story. Images sway them with more compelling content. 

So, use social media to your advantage. And lure people into visiting your site and completing the purchase. You can also target them through emails. By carefully curating a unique email and sending it across within the first sixty minutes of cart abandonment you can boost engagement and conversions.

Final Words

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories, you tell.

– Seth Godin

Gone are the days when digital marketing in Frederick, MD focused on relentlessly pelting users with the same message, again and again, until they were pushed to a point they didn’t want anything to do with the brand. Marketers of today are working hard to create unique experiences, to get the audience to see their latest collection. They are burning the midnight oil to entice customers, to build a fan following, and to convert them into loyal paying clients. And why not? That’s what marketing is all about — getting your message across, and building excitement for the CTA. 

Since stories are tactical, they have become the buzzword in the marketing world. To help you understand the power of storytelling, in this post, we discussed the benefits of storytelling in digital marketing.

Hopefully, this was helpful!

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