Top 10 Trends for Website Design In 2022
Jan 22, 2022

Top 10 Trends for Website Design In 2022

Web design is a crucial element of any website because it has the power to visually stimulate the users. Web design acts as a guide for website visitors to look at the most crucial parts of a given website.

A neatly done web design can push visitors to take the desired action. It plays a vital role in preventing users from bouncing off.

Web design is a highly dynamic field. The trends in web design are ever-changing, and you can’t afford to miss out on the latest ones. You need to keep an eye out for what’s new and Apollo Marketing can be your guide. We take pride in offering the best website design in maryland.

We cannot rely on the previous year’s trends. Here is a list of the top ten web design trends for 2022 to educate and motivate those who create for the web.

Dominance of Contrast Color Schemes

Colors play a crucial role in captivating and grabbing a user’s attention. The color scheme serves as a basic tool to help stimulate a particular emotion in the user. Contrasting neon colors began as a color choice targeted towards the audience born in the 1980s and 90s.

But contrasting color schemes have slowly become mainstream, and you can find them on a lot of newly designed websites. Contrast color schemes are characterized by underground acid shapes, vibrant design aesthetic, brightly visible contrast, and grainy color gradients. Contrast color schemes will take 2022 by storm.

Reliance on Scrolling Text Elements

Newer ways of representing text elements on websites have emerged in recent years. Scrolling text elements represent text on a website without compromising its readability. The idea behind scrolling text is to make text elements dynamic and lay emphasis on keywords.

Scrolling text should be used with shorter words and common phrases represented with large and oversized fonts. It should have smooth and soft transitions and should not overlap with CTA buttons. It should aid the navigability of a website and hold the user’s attention. Scrolling text will be more popular than ever before in 2022.

Delights Are Here to Stay

Delights are design elements that look to stimulate a pleasurable experience for users. Delights are a user’s favorite design element, and they expect to see them on a good website. Delights can be divided into deep delights and surface delights.

Deep delights aim to cover the usability, functionality, and reliability of a website, all while ensuring a pleasurable experience. They look to provide deep satisfaction to visitors. Whereas surface delights form gestures, transitions, animations, sounds, infographics. Surface delights need to be supported by deep delights for a wholesome experience.

Visualizing an App-Like Experience

Apps have become a part of our lives, and we have become used to following an app-like interface. Leveraging this reliance on apps, an app-like user experience on websites will be a hot trend in 2022.

The idea is to create a web experience that focuses on the front-end. An app-like user interface on a website should be interactive, dynamic in nature, and have animations to keep things engaging. App-based websites are even easier to develop

Exceptional Multi Layered Imagery

Minimalistic designs have become so mainstream that their charm is slowly fading away. The newest trend in web design focuses more on using extraordinary visual stimulation through multilayered maximized imagery. It looks to amalgamate imaginary and real elements to captivate the user.

Stylized typographical elements and photo galleries are some of the vital components of multi-layered imagery. The idea is to build a website that offers an immersive experience for the visitors without following the conventional path.

Need for Inclusive Design

An inclusive design looks to represent and cater to people from all genders, races, cultures, and abilities. We will see more inclusive design elements in 2022.

The idea is to design a website using imagery and language that feels more inclusive. Visitors from all backgrounds should be able to relate to the content and design of a website. The inclusive design needs to be authentic and should not feel forced

Popularity of Brutalist and Oversized Typography

Brutalist typography intends to help a website pop out. It has a certain ruggedness that goes well with a post-modernist design. It is a very bold choice and includes a dynamic grid and large letters to help navigate across different headers, paragraphs, sections, and menus.

Oversized typography goes well with all design elements as it highlights text and makes it a graphical part of web design. Unusual text size can make your web design stand out if used correctly. It should not become overwhelming for the visitors.


Glassmorphism mimics the visual effect produced by actual glass. It is a balanced amalgamation of blur, transparency, and movement. It gives a unique style to your website’s visual design and looks appealing to the users.

It looks to give a three-dimensional feel to a website with the help of reflection, shadow, and diffusion. It will be one of the most popular web design trends this year.

Horizontal Scrolling

Horizontal scrolling is a trendy alternative to the traditional vertical scrolling that users are accustomed to. It has endless possibilities to ensure exciting image-text interactions.

Horizontal scrolling can significantly enhance the appeal of a regular website. It can make UX memorable for visitors. It can be perfectly used for websites that contain catalogs, portfolios, etc. Sideways navigation depends on the fluid motion of visual elements and text.

Prioritizing Page Speed

The user experience on a website depends heavily on page speed. The time it takes to load every element of a website needs to be minimized. Users should not lose interest in a website because of slow page loading speeds.

The visual web design elements should not become the reason for the slowing down of page speed. You can use Page Speed Insights by Google to examine the page speed of your site. The focus on user experience will only increase in 2022. Thus, you should pay close attention to your website’s page speed.


A good web design can elevate the status and popularity of your website. You can refer to these latest trends to improve your website’s design for 2022. Sift through them and add the relevant ones to your web design today.

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